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The Lincoln Project—a group of prominent never-Trump Republicans—announced its presence to the world with a New York Times op-ed entitled We Are Republicans, and We Want Trump Defeated.

Upon seeing the piece, President Donald Trump's team naturally decried them as part of the "swamp" Trump promised he'd drain.

The bitter words weren't enough to scare them off.

With COVID-19 cases growing across the United States, largely due to the Trump administration's ineptitude and slow response during the crucial early days of the virus's spread, The Lincoln Project has released a new ad comparing Trump to the Novel Coronavirus itself.

Watch below.

Virus in the World

A voiceover in the ad says:

"There's a virus in the world. For some people, the virus is easy to see. Others don't see it at all. Some say the virus isn't that bad. Others say it's malicious and dangerous. Since there are those who still can't see it, wouldn't it be smart to tell the truth about the virus, since there is a virus?"

The final frame reveals the face of Donald Trump.

It can be argued that there are significant parallels between Trump's presidency and the COVID-19 virus his administration was so quick to dismiss.

Many of Trump's supporters continue to argue, as he did in a rally late last month, that the virus is another overblown "hoax" by the media designed to undermine his presidency. This follows a similar pattern indicating that no matter how damning the evidence, swathes of Trump's supporters refuse to admit that Trump's presidency has been flawed to say the least.

The chilling ad was well-received by internet resisters.

But Project Lincoln isn't the first to compare Trump to the coronavirus. Trump's former Communication's director Anthony Scaramucci said on an MSNBC recently that Trump is the virus.

As have others.

A chance for the cure will come in November.

Are you registered to vote?

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