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GOP Rep. Admits Republicans 'Hurt The American People' In Self-Own For The Ages

Rep. Bob Good tried to reassure Americans about the prospect of a government shutdown, but ended up handing Democrats a campaign sound bite.

Bob Good speaks at Repunlican press conference in front of the Capitol Building

Virginia Republican Representative Bob Good accidentally said the quiet part out loud when trying to reassure the American people a government shutdown wasn't something to fear.

During his speech about why government shutdowns really aren't that scary, Good said a shutdown would really be a good thing—because most of what politicians do actually hurts people.

"I would add too that we should not fear a government shutdown. Most of what we do up here is bad anyway; most of what we do up here hurts the American people."

He continued:

"When we do stuff to the American people promising to do things for the American people."

Good insisted that everything really important would continue on as per usual.

"Essential operations continue—85% as Mr. Biggs has just given me that number—continues. Most of the American people won't even miss if the government is shut down temporarily."

You can view a clip of Good's speech below:

People were quick to point out Good was definitely right about the "we" part.

Others were bothered by his insinuation that civil servants are working against the American people.

Still others, especially those who understand exactly how many of our essential services are run by government employees expressed concern over the possibility of another shutdown.

While Good likely meant his comments to reflect poorly on the federal government as a whole, he apparently failed to realize how great his speech would be for his political opponents.

It will make the perfect soundbite for an attack ad someday.