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ABC's 'Station 19': Does Captain Pruitt Herrera Die in Season 1 Episode 2? [SPOILERS]

Shonda Rhimes' newest drama on ABC's TGIT line-up, Station 19, introduced itself tonight with a jaw-dropping first episode. Pruitt Herrera, Captain of Station 19 and father of fellow firefighter Andy Herrera, dramatically collapsed during a fire. Though Captain Herrera does survive the incident, fans learn that he has cancer and must step down. As a result, drama ensues during his recovery. Read on for all the details.

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Station 19, will follow the work and personal lives of Seattle's firefighters. As creator of hit series like Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, Shonda Rhimes is notorious for her dramatic shows. Station 19 is already no exception. In addition to the life-or-death dramas, fans can expect emotional speeches, and passionate romances on Station 19.

As the man in charge Capt. Pruitt Herrera is a force to be reckoned with. He expects a lot from his team. Especially his daughter Andrea, who is known to her fellow firefighters as Andy. A formidable captain, Pruitt Herrera is Andy's inspiration for becoming a firefighter. Herrera also has a softer side, which he shows in his mentorship both of his daughter Andy, and of the station lieutenant, Jack Gibson.

After collapsing in a fire in episode 1, Andy learns that her father has cancer. Resulting in tumors in his stomach. Captain Herrera knew but did not tell her. As a result, he is forced to step down immediately. Initially, he names Jack as his captain in the meantime. But Andy makes an appeal to her father at his hospital bed and he reconsiders. He decided to promote Andy to Lieutenant, the same level as Jack. This opens her up to an equal possibility as Jack, of being named captain.

Captain Pruitt Herrera must take some time away from the station to recover. This leaves his seat as Captain open, at least for now. As a result, during Pruitt Herrera's recovery, his daughter Andy, and her flirtatious and combative coworker Jack Gibson are ultimately named co-captains. Batallion Chief Frankel decides that the pair must trade off. Jack and Andy have undeniable chemistry with one another. It is certainly based off the principle that opposites attract.

In the second half of the pilot Andy gets her shot at a shift as Captain. Things don't go so great at first when people keep assuming Jack is captain and breezing by Andy. She struggles to gain control and show her leadership in the face of these assumptions. All the while Chief Frankel hangs back to evaluate.

In episode 3, Jack begins his first shift as co-captains. Chief Frankel arrives to Station 19 just as Jack starts his shift. Jack and Andy dispute leadership styles. As a result, the pair is constantly bickering and stepping on each other's feet. Even disagreeing on spending decisions at the station.

Not only is Andy sparking with Jack but fellow firefighter and childhood best friend Ryan Tanner clearly shows feelings for her. The pair went to prom together, and have a history. Between Jack Gibson and Ryan Tanner in the first episode, it is clear that a love triangle is brewing, with Andy Herrera as the focus.

Meanwhile, Pruitt Herrera proves to be a difficult patient. A stubborn man who is eager to get back to Station 19, he disobeys his doctor's orders. This behavior lands him back at the station, only to take on administrative duties. As he pushes papers at his desk the rest of the team of Station 19 respond to a call to a pool house party and a fire at JJ's apartment building.

Season one of Station 19 is already off to a dramatic start! Fans share their thoughts on Twitter: