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Drama Centers on Krystal at 'The Women Tell All' [SPOILER]

BEWARE! The following contains spoilers about the 'Women Tell All' episode of The Bachelor. 

The "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor is airing on Sunday, February 25. Bachelor fans should brace themselves. The drama will reach an all-new high with Krystal Nielson at the center of it all.

Krystal will get grilled on the "Women Tell All". She was made out to be the 'villain' this season and rubbed many of the girls the wrong way, so it isn't much of a surprise that she gets the hot seat. Krystal's Instagrams have been filled with happiness and positivity recently but come Sunday, it seems her potty mouth is going to get the best of her. According to Reality Steve, the episode will air never-before-seen footage of Krystal talking to Maquel, saying that Arie allowed the losing bowling team to join in on the date so "he could make out with all the c**nts." In another instance, never-before-seen footage will show Krystal referring to Arie as a "needle d**k."

Caroline, according to Steve, calls Krystal a sociopath during the episode. Krystal, however, isn't ready to back down. Steve also says that there are reports insisting Krystal was inebriated during the show.

Arie Shuts Krystal Down

Reality Steve reports that when Arie finally makes his appearance during the "Women Tell All", Krystal hopes she can get a word in with him. She gets up and sits next to him on the couch. He then shuts her down. Steve writes, "She was upset and wanted more of an explanation, he told her she deserved to go home, especially once he saw it play out on TV. He also said he kept her too long."

In an interview with Ashley Iaconetti that is currently airing on NBC highlights, Ashley asks Krystal about the "needle d**k thing." Ashley says, "Describe to me with your hands what it looks like. I'm assuming its... narrow and... long?" Krystal, looking a bit scattered, confesses, "You know, I've never seen it. Haven't seen it. But I had, you know, an intuitive feeling about where it was going."

Ashley went on to ask Krystal how she prepared for the 'Women Tell All'. Krystal said she felt misunderstood by many of the girls heading into the night. She admitted she wasn't sure how she'd react emotionally, in the moment. "It was really challenging. I wanted to come here and be true to how I felt because I feel that wasn't represented on the show."