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CNN screenshot of Josh Shapiro; Stephen Miller

Dem Governor Fires Back At CNN Host With Withering Takedown Of Stephen Miller

After CNN This Morning's host cited Stephen Miller's complaint about Pennsylvania's automatic voter registration plan, Governor Josh Shapiro shut the complaint down.

Joe Manchin; Kyrsten Sinema

Manchin And Sinema Just High Fived Each Other Over Their Refusal To End The Filibuster–And People Are Disgusted

While sitting on a Davos panel, Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin high fived to celebrate their continued opposition to ending the filibuster.

Ruben Gallego; Kyrsten Sinema

Dem Rep. Bluntly Calls Out Kyrsten Sinema For Doing 'Nothing' To Help Arizona Candidates

Representative Ruben Gallego told MSNBC Senator Sinema was 'nowhere to be found' when it came to helping campaign for her fellow Arizona Democrats.

polling place with people entering and leaving

Three Things We Need To Consider Before Election Day

Three deep breaths we can all take together as we look towards the 2022 midterms.

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