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Sean Spicer Thinks He Knows Why Polls Are Really Showing Trump Losing by So Much to Biden, and He's Not All Wrong

Sean Spicer Thinks He Knows Why Polls Are Really Showing Trump Losing by So Much to Biden, and He's Not All Wrong
HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images // SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump is scrambling to gain public approval in the face of crises of health, economy, and society in the United States, but polls are indicating that he's only pushing the American people further away.

Or at least, pushing them away in public.

A poll from the Democracy Institute in America—which predicted both Brexit passing by referendum and Trump's 2016 victory—found that the 2020 race is much more competitive than current predictions are showing. The pollster reached the results through 1500 landline and cell phone calls with likely voters, 38 percent of whom were Republicans, 38 percent Democrats, and 24 percent Independents. It should be noted this isn't the typical ideological makeup for most polls.

They found the race in a dead heat, with Trump at 48 percent support and Biden at 47 percent.

Meanwhile, a recent CNN poll shows Biden 14 points ahead of Trump nationally. Polls in swing states like Michigan and even Florida show Biden with a solid lead.

So why are the results from the Democracy Institute so different than what other polls are saying?

The President's very first press secretary—Sean Spicer—pointed to one reason.

Spicer noted that only 37 percent of Trump supporters surveyed said they'd want their friends and family to know who they were voting for, while 74 percent of Biden supporters were fine with their loved ones knowing.

Spicer hypothesized that polls were showing Trump losing simply because people are ashamed to say that they intend to vote for Donald Trump. Ironically, Spicer used a poll as evidence for this.

People had a range of thoughts on the results.

In recent days, Trump has tweeted about the "SILENT MAJORITY"—what he believes to be thousands of Trump supporting conservatives who remain silent in their support except in the voting booth.

Some believe this poll serves as evidence that Trump may once again win in an upset as he did in 2016.

Truth will out in November.