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Bonkers Video of Roger Stone Scowling and Shaking Through Contentious Deposition Emerges and People Have Questions


Disgraced former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was recently sentenced to three years and four months of prison after a lengthy and often chaotic trial for numerous felonies, including obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Now, a partial video of Stone's deposition is making the rounds.

The video shows a shaking, grimacing Roger Stone constantly berating interrogator Larry Klayman in profanity-laced rants.

Watch below.

In the video, Stone calls Klayman a "b**ch" and an "a**hole" while also accusing him of molesting his own children:

"You're lying, aren't you, Mr. Klayman? And you're about to be ousted from the Bar. Have fun molesting your own children, Larry? I read the court decision."

Stone was alluding to a 2010 custody battle in which a magistrate found that Klayman had engaged in "grossly inappropriate" behavior with his children, which Klayman denied in a lie detector test he says confirms his innocence.

Stone didn't let up in his belligerence toward Klayman:

"If you're going to keep insulting me, this will all be over and you can run back to the judge like a little b**ch...I won't be badgered by this a**hole."

Throughout his career, Stone has been considered a Conservative provocateur. He found himself in hot water numerous times throughout his trial as well. He was ordered not to comment about the case after he posted a photo of Judge Amy Berman Jackson in crosshairs.

Even knowing of Stone's firebrand personality, people still found the video concerning.

Given the President's repeated, uncouth defenses of Stone, many expect he'll be pardoned before serving a significant part of his 40 month sentence.