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Republican Voter Slams Trumpism as the Country's 'Greatest Danger' in Savage Focus Group Response

Republican Voter Slams Trumpism as the Country's 'Greatest Danger' in Savage Focus Group Response
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Even after his smear campaign against the validity of the 2020 election culminated in a deadly failed insurrection against the United States Capitol, former President Donald Trump continues to enjoy widespread adoration within the GOP, and is currently the favorite to win its presidential nomination in 2024, if he decides to run again.

While Trump's sycophants are certainly vocal, there are a handful of Republicans warning of the dangers posed by his recklessness. Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming has repeatedly emphasized Trump's responsibility for the Capitol Riots, as has Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

And in a recent CNN Town Hall featuring Americans of all parties, Republican Phil Heimlich warned that Trumpism poses an urgent threat to American democracy.

Heimlich told CNN's Don Lemon:

"I think the greatest danger to this country right now is Trumpism, more so than any policy, and if they're able to suppress the vote, whatever policy you care about, if they're able to attack our rule of law, and we become one of these countries like Turkey and others that have really become right-wing — be really dictatorships, it doesn't matter what you stand for. So I think all of us, Republicans and Democrats, have to make the decision we're going to put country ahead of party."

The discussion was convened in response to President Joe Biden's recent town hall on the network, where he addressed a range of issues, including the right to vote.

Heimlich also decried Republicans' attempts to absolve the party for its responsibility in the Capitol Riots, as well as dismissing the violence that day.

People agreed with Heimlich.

He's not the only one warning o the dangers imposed by Trump's Republican party.

Trump remains beloved by a majority of the party.