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Tucker Carlson Just Proved He Doesn't Understand How Wind Power Works, and People Are Dragging Him All the Way Down

Fox News

As the polar vortex continues to dump Arctic air across the country, Tucker Carlson on Thursday called wind energy a "scam" and insisted it does not work in the cold.

Carlson ripped into the Democrat-backed Green New Deal, which seeks to revamp the nation's power grid with renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar.

"Wind power is a scam," Carlson said. "It's an elaborate ripoff perpetuated on impoverished rural America by a few heavily subsidized corporations that are getting rich by making the landscape uglier."

Carlson also asked: “How is wind power going to heat your house when it’s 30 below?”

Watch below:


Twitter tore Carlson a new one.

Cold and wind happen at the same time, Tuck. We even measure their combined effects, known as wind chill.

In fact, that combination drives wind turbines that deliver energy to much of Alaska, the coldest state in the Union.

These turbines in The Last Frontier, for example, generate 24 megawatts of power.

And Scotland.

And Iceland.

And Scandinavian countries... where it also gets extremely cold.

Ignorance at its finest.

Speaking of making landscapes uglier, take a look at what coal mining looks like. This is what oil drilling does to landscapes and coral reefs. Now, compare those to a wind farm.