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Reporters Keep Asking Donald Trump If He Has Anything to Say About John McCain and His Response Is Classic Trump

Keeping it classy as always.

Reporters Keep Asking Donald Trump If He Has Anything to Say About John McCain and His Response Is Classic Trump

President Donald Trump ignored questions from reporters repeatedly on Monday about Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who died on Saturday at the age of 81.

Major news outlets documented the president's crass behavior on Twitter after Trump refused to address McCain's death during a meeting with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in the Oval Office.

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted a picture of Trump sitting at the Resolute Desk with his arms crossed, which was fittingly symbolic of the president's dismissal of the press.

Knoller later added that Trump also ignored his requests for comments in the Rose Garden, while the First Lady seemed to enjoy the spectacle. "Mrs. Trump smiled at the sight of reporters shouting questions," Knoller said, "as WH aides herded them out of the room."

ABC's Jonathan Karl said he asked Trump if he "had any thoughts on the legacy of John McCain," noting that Trump "heard me but did not answer."

Shortly thereafter, while "standing six feet from the president in the Oval Office," Karl once again asked Trump if he'd like to say anything about McCain and the legacy he leaves behind.

Karl asked: "Any thoughts on McCain? Anything at all about John McCain? Was McCain a hero? Nothing at all about McCain?"

Trump "stared ahead and said nothing."

Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs tweeted that Trump ignored reporters four times when pressed to reflect on McCain. Jacobs said that although White House staffers were trying to push reporters out of the Cabinet Room, it was obvious the president "still heard us."

CNN's Jim Acosta, whom Trump routinely chides as "fake news," was also brushed off by the president.

Jeremy Diamond of CNN said the same thing.

"POTUS again did not respond to repeated shouted questions about McCain when he stopped at the Rose Garden or in Oval Office," the White House press pool's report of the event at the White House said.

Trump's silence was blasted on social media as callous and disrespectful.

Are people surprised? Not really. It matters, however, because, like Trump, McCain was a Republican, albeit one who was not a Trump fan.

Alyssa Milano described Trump's behavior as showing "dishonor" and "disrespect."

Since when do presidents pout and sulk?

There were some other suggested topics for questions.

Others were impressed that Trump was able to hold his tongue - something he's not known for being able to do.

Tom Arnold, who has a Vice docuseries airing next month on his quest to find the "Trump Tapes," jokingly knocked the president for his rumored racism.