PHOTO: Ron Paul Tweeted and Deleted Racist and Anti-Semitic Cartoon

The Internet doesn’t forget.

Former Texas Representative Ron Paul tweeted a wildly racist image of minority groups uniting to punch Uncle Sam.

The three-time presidential candidate deleted the tweet, but by then Twitter had already immortalized it.

The tweet read: “Are you stunned by what has become of American culture?” Paul said in the tweet. “Well, it’s not an accident. You’ve probably heard of ‘cultural Marxism,’ but do you know what it means?”

The image covered most of the bases as far as horrendous racial tropes go: The African-American man has hugely inflated lips, the Asian man’s eyes are slits while his teeth are exaggerated, and the Jewish man’s nose is elongated and hooked.

Ron Paul later replaced the image of the tweet with an image of “Political Correctness” obscured by a “No” sign. Americans have been quick to remind him that his vigilance against what he perceives to be a society obsessed with political correctness is just what got him into this mess.

Paul’s deleted tweet echoes with something far more insidious than can be deleted with the swipe of a finger. 

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