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WATCH: First Families Recite Apostles’ Creed at George H. W. Bush Funeral Except for Donald Trump

So much for Evangelical hero.
trump prayer funeral, trump apostles creed

Credit: MSNBC

President Donald Trump has separated children from their families, has shut asylum seekers out of the border, and has said he doesn’t ask for forgiveness. Nevertheless, the President still maintains 71% of white Evangelical support.

While that base has remained steadfast in its support of Donald Trump, that hasn’t stopped others from pointing out the times his actions go against the Evangelical perception of what it means to be Christian.

This happened most recently at the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush on Wednesday. When the row of former first families seated in the same row as the President began reciting the Apostles’ Creed, Trump notably abstained.

Twitter noticed, and users pointed out the contradiction immediately.

Claiming to be an Evangelical hero but refusing to even read the Apostle’s Creed at a state funeral wasn’t the only thing Twitter users called Trump out on.

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