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Anderson Cooper Mocked Donald Trump for the Absurdly Skewed Poll His Campaign Sent Supporters, and Now Cooper Has a Poll Question of His Own


After President Donald Trump's supporters were asked to rate his State of the Union address by answering a biased survey, Anderson Cooper featured the questions on 360's "Ridiculist" on Thursday night.

"How would you rate President Trump's State of the Union address?" asked Team Trump in the "Official State of the Union Approval Poll." Participants could choose between "Historic, Great, Good, or Other."

Additional questions included:

  • "Do you believe President Trump delivered a visionary speech of always choosing American Greatness?"
  • "Do you believe Democrats only say they don't want a wall to Harass our great President?"


Cooper wanted to know what the "purpose" would be of "gathering this type of information," and asked why the president would "want the results of a skewed survey" in which all the choices mean "you, sir, are awesome."

Anderson Cooper then asked his viewers to also take a different version of the poll.

"How would you rate the president's survey?" Cooper asked. "embarrassing, utterly pointless, a shameless exercise in narcissism, other."

Watch below:

Some people thought it was satire.

Others struggled to accept that it was real.

Hard to tell these days.

Some options were missing.

Good job.