REPORT: Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta Found Guilty of Breaking Federal Law in 2007 Plea Deal With Jeffrey Epstein

About time.

New York hedge fund manager and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein used his wealth and influence to build a network of underage girls whom he had sex with multiple times a day, touted at sex parties, and allegedly trafficked across the world. Some were as young as 13 years old.

In 2007, Epstein cut a deal with federal prosecutors that would shield him and his accomplices from federal prosecution, while Epstein would only plead guilty to state prostitution charges, serving a year in a private wing of a Palm Beach prison with ample time for work release.

Because of its leniency, the deal was deliberately concealed from Epstein’s victims. The head prosecutor, who met with Epstein’s attorney to secure the deal, would join President Donald Trump’s administration a decade later: Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta.

Now, Federal Judge Kenneth A. Marra has determined that Acosta and other prosecutors broke the law by deliberately concealing the agreement from Epstein’s 30+ victims. While Judge Marra didn’t issue a punishment, he gave the prosecutors 15 days to reach a settlement with Epstein’s victims. He did not, however, strike down Epstein’s plea deal.

Many are disgusted that Acosta—who was instrumental in securing mercy for a sex offender of Epstein’s scale—continues to remain serving in the President’s cabinet in a position that deals closely with human trafficking and child labor issues.

What’s more, Acosta isn’t the only official within the Trump administration with ties to Epstein.

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