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Michigan Voter Perfectly Sums Trump Up In Blunt NSFW Clip

As Michigan voters went to the polls in the state's presidential primary, 80-year-old Biden voter Susan Titus had a blunt assessment of the former president.

Screenshot of Susan Titus

Michigan voter Susan Titus delivered a straightforward NSFW rundown of her feelings about former President Donald Trump that summed up why she and so many others will not be voting for him in November's election.

Titus revealed that she voted for President Joe Biden in the primary, citing her anger at Trump as a motivation behind her choice.

Titus, 80, began her critique by highlighting Trump's stance on NATO and did not shy away from addressing Trump's treatment of specific communities, particularly those of Muslim religious background.

Her candid remarks, aired on Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC program during Tuesday's primary election coverage, resonated with viewers who appreciated Titus's directness.

She said:

“NATO is a bulwark against Russian aggression, and he was ready to walk out of that. There are others... the way he treated others, people of Muslim religious background."
"[Also] his dirty mouth. I think he's pretty much an a**hole, to coin a phrase."
"And it’s terrifying to me, at 80, to think that he would be one of the last presidents. He could decimate social programs that I’ve been committed to and worked on for a very long time.”
"So there's a whole variety, as well as his personal way of dealing with people and the world."

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Titus's candid and unfiltered assessment of Trump resonated strongly on social media, where users praised her for addressing key issues directly.

Biden and Trump secured decisive victories in Michigan's Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday, solidifying their positions as their respective parties' presumptive nominees for the upcoming general election in November.

Despite the clarity in the outcomes, concerns lingered about voter apathy, reflected in a lower turnout compared to previous contests in this crucial battleground state.

The combined voter turnout for the 2024 Democratic and Republican primaries in Michigan surpassed 1.8 million, constituting approximately 22 percent of the statewide registered voter population. The Republican primary drew participation from around 1.1 million voters, while the less competitive Democratic primary saw approximately 740,000 votes tallied as of Wednesday morning.

Notably, a substantial portion of the voting activity appeared to stem from early voting, as the Secretary of State had reported on Monday, ahead of the primary, that over one million Michigan voters had already exercised their right to vote.