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Kayleigh Deletes 2020 'Murder Rate' Tweet After Realizing Who Was Actually President That Year

Kayleigh Deletes 2020 'Murder Rate' Tweet After Realizing Who Was Actually President That Year
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Kayleigh McEnany accidentally ended up criticizing former President Donald Trump while trying to slam current President Joe Biden on Twitter, and promptly deleted the tweet. She didn't manage to delete it before the internet got ahold of it and started to drag her for it, though.

McEnany, who previously served as the 33rd White House Press Secretary, tweeted a graph of the fluctuation in murder rate in the United States from 1960-2020 with the caption:

"The U.S. murder rate under Joe Biden..."

The problem with McEnany's assertion is that Joe Biden was not, in point of fact, United States President in 2020. That would have been her beloved former boss, Donald Trump.

McEnany is known to stretch the truth to defend Trump in the press. Less than a month ago, she claimed on Fox News that the country saw fewer crises during the Trump presidency than under Biden's administration.

"We are eight months into a Biden presidency, Jesse. Wrap your head around that. We still have three years and four months left. Look, when President Trump was President, you didn't see crisis after crisis. You just didn't see it."

As anyone who was paying attention during the Trump presidency would know, that claim was patently false.

CNN's Brian Stelter tweeted a screenshot of McEnany's now-deleted tweet.

The fact that McEnany deleted her tweet definitely hasn't stopped Twitter users from continuing to drag her, thanks to the power of screenshots.

Despite having deleted her previous tweet, presumably because of the backlash, McEnany seems to have missed the point of everyone's criticism. She subsequently tried again, quote-tweeting the same graph with a new caption trying to blame Biden for something that happened a year before he became president.

Her new tweet tried to place the blame for rising crime rates at the feet of mayors of cities that are working to defund police forces, but somehow also places fault at the feet of Biden as well.

McEnany's second attempt isn't faring any better on Twitter.

This is far from the first time McEnany has put out information that isn't entirely factual. It was a common enough occurrence that BusinessInsider was able to compile a list of 5 times she blatantly lied to the press during her tenure as Press Secretary.

It remains to be seen whether she will also delete her newest tweet, but it seems likely—given the backlash in the comments.