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Jimmy Kimmel Has Mic Drop Response To MTG's Request To Promote Her Book On His Show

Jimmy Kimmel; Marjorie Taylor Greene
Jimmy Kimmel Live!; Alex Wong/Getty Images

Last Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the titular host skewered Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's book titled MTG.

Kimmel called it the first book Greene had ever "written or read.” MTG was published by a publishing house co-founded by Donald Trump Jr.—Winning Team Publishing.

In his November 21 monologue, Kimmel said of Greene's book:

"It’s got a little bit of everything."
“It’s got some revisionist history, it’s got some conspiracy theories, it’s got Jewish space lasers, and of course, Marg’s famous recipe for gazpacho police and a peach tree dish.”

After his quip about Greene's habit of picking the wrong word, Kimmel shared:

"A PR person for her publishing company said 'few individuals have taken Congress by storm in the same way she has'."
"Which is true, and especially impressive you consider most of the people who did take Congress by storm are in federal custody right now."

Kimmel later added:

“Did she need to write a book?"
"Couldn’t we have given her some crayons and a Denny’s placemat?"

Whether Greene watched Kimmel's monologue or not, she decided to invite herself to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her book.

On Wednesday morning, Greene posted Kimmel's monologue captioned:

"Hey [Jimmy Kimmel] since most of your show content is your nonstop lies about me, why don't you have me on your show?"
"I'll bring you a copy of my book and we can chat about what needs to happen to SAVE AMERICA!"

After the holiday break, Kimmel responded.

In his Monday night monologue,Kimmel told his viewers he'd received a "Thanksgiving message" from Greene.

He said:

"The other night I mentioned Marge has taken a break from burning books to write one."

After sharing her X post with his audience, Kimmel stated:

"I guess I’m a Hollywood libtard that’s part of the celebrity pedophile Satan club until she has a book to promote, then 'I’d love to swing by!'."

He added:

"This woman called the police on me for a joke and now she wants to be a guest on the show."

In 2022, Greene reported Kimmel to Capitol Police alleging his joke was tantamount to a "threat of violence."

Considering the possibility of inviting Greene to his show, Kimmel said:

"Though I have to admit, part of me wants to invite her here so I can let her wait for an hour down in the green room doing power squats—and then bump her."
"Even just to screw with Matt Damon, it would be fun."
"But I also don’t want rabies so..."

Kimmel went on to provide Greene's sales information from Amazon which is far from impressive.

The late night host joked:

"Marjorie Taylor Greene's book is such a bomb, I might have to report it to the Capitol Police."

You can watch the full segment here:

People on X couldn't believe Greene asked to be on Kimmel's show given their history.



Kimmel previously gave in—eventually—to repeated requests from Mike Lindell to appear on his show.

Lindell was told he would have to sit inside an arcade claw machine during the appearance. The MyPillow CEO happily obliged.

Perhaps Kimmel can find a similar challenge for Greene.