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This Video From February of Trump's Brand New Press Secretary Saying the Virus Will Not 'Come Here' Did Not Age Well

This Video From February of Trump's Brand New Press Secretary Saying the Virus Will Not 'Come Here' Did Not Age Well
Fox Business

After less than a year on the job and with zero White House press briefings to her name, Stephanie Grisham will step down as White House press secretary, returning to her work with First Lady Melania Trump as her Chief of Staff.

Stephanie Grisham is the third White House Press Secretary to step down during the administration of President Donald Trump.

Her replacement is one of the President's most devoted fanatics: Trump Campaign Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Since the President's 2016 campaign, McEnany has been one his most devout defenders on news networks, often to the chagrin of other hosts and commentators frustrated with her disregard for the truth.

With the news of her appointment, a clip of McEnany in a February 25 interview with former Fox Business host Trish Regan is resurfacing for all the wrong reasons.

Watch below.

McEnany hailed the President and even blamed Obama for good measure, saying:

"This President will always put America first. He will always protect American citizens. We will not see diseases like [the virus] come here. We will not see terrorism come here, and isn't that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama."

At the time McEnany said this, there were already 57 cases in the United States. That number has since ballooned to nearly 400,000 cases.

The video was considered an indication of what to expect throughout McEnany's tenure as Press Secretary.

In the wake of the video's revival, a Trump spokesperson clarified that McEnany meant that the virus was no longer coming to the United States via travel from China, which Trump continues to brag about "shutting down."

But even that isn't correct. A New York Times report recently revealed that around 430,000 people traveled from China to the United States since Trump issued the so-called ban.

This instant was far from the first time the latest press secretary has sacrificed truth for fanaticism.

In one stunning exchange, she refused to acknowledge to CNN's Chris Cuomo that the President had ever told a lie.

She also apologized after claiming that Obama went golfing after the beheading of journalist David Pearl. Obama was a state senator in 2002, and wouldn't become President for another seven years.

She attempted to spin Trump's botched order of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani as one of the greatest foreign policy moves of all time, despite the fact that it threatened to thrust America into yet another war overseas.

People have a chilling sense of what's to come during McEnany's tenure.

Considering that McEnany has demonstrated a willingness to lie without hesitation, it's possible the nation will finally have its first "daily" White House Press Briefing in over a year.

For a deeper look into Trump's ineptitude, check out A Very Stable Genius, available here.