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Trump's Election Lawyer Dragged After Dismissing State Election Certifications as 'Procedural' in Bonkers Statement

Trump's Election Lawyer Dragged After Dismissing State Election Certifications as 'Procedural' in Bonkers Statement

Amid outgoing President Donald Trump's weeks-long denial of the reality that President-elect Joe Biden defeated him in the 2020 election, Trump and his allies have unleashed numerous scattershot attempts to undermine the results.

In addition to lie-ridden tweets and a litany of litigation, the President and his team have urged election officials in a number of swing states to refuse certification of the results based on false claims of corruption and malpractice during the counting process.

A target of those efforts was the state of Michigan.

Earlier this month, Trump praised the two Republican members of Wayne County, MI's four-person Board of Canvassers for initially refusing to certify results.

After public outcry from constituents, the Wayne County board unanimously certified the results of the election only hours later.

On Monday, the state Board of Canvassers voted to certify the results, with one abstention, in a devastating blow to Trump's efforts to overturn the outcome.

But a Trump campaign legal advisor, Jenna Ellis, dismissed the decision in a statement insisting that certification of the results was merely "procedural," and not a loss for Donald Trump.

The statement reads:

"Certification by state officials is simply a procedural step. We are going to continue combatting election fraud around the country as we fight to count all the legal votes .Americans must be assured that the final results are fair and legitimate."

Twitter users mocked the continued denial of reality.

They jokingly predicted just how far the denial will go.

The campaign's reasons to hope for a court-sanctioned reversal of the results are just as abysmal: They've lost 35 out of 36 legal challenges in their efforts.

On Monday evening, Trump authorized General Services Administration head Emily Murphy to sign off on the paperwork to allocate resources for a Biden transition, though he still assured his supporters the fight for a second term wasn't over.