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Easter 2018: Best Funny Memes You Need to See

There is a meme for every occasions, especially a day as holy as Easter Sunday. While those that celebrate the Christian holiday may be distracted by brunches, easter egg hunts, mounds of candy, church services, and large feasts with family and friends, those that don’t will be left looking for things to do. Businesses close, many television stations turn to religious programming, and chances are your friends will be wrapped up in their traditions, but thankfully there’s always the internet to turn to.

To pass time on Easter 2018 or to escape the awkwardness of family gatherings for a moment, read through these Easter memes, handpicked for your entertainment. From zombie Jesus to unfortunate chocolate bunnies, Easter Sunday is a surprisingly meme-worthy celebration.

Best Easter Sunday Memes

That has to be an awkward conversation. Especially if you buried him because you thought you killed him.

Oh, Jesus. Always hip on modern lingo.

Not sure whether to congratulate the person that designed this Easter bunny costume or suggest that they see a therapist. You know who will need therapy, though? That kid.

Those are the eyes of a ravenous Leporidae.

When your Easter bunny mask does look like you're about to knock off a bank, you may want to reconsider your costume.

It's a classic, but it never get's old.

There is so much wrong with these meme that it may be too much for Easter; but who are we to deprive readers of its hilarious depravity.

Ten points for clever use of Gotye. Minus ten points for getting Gotye stuck in everybody's head.

It's as if the brain doesn't register why the stomach doesn't feel good. A basket full of candy is a dangerous thing.

These things can get pretty hardcore.

No such thing as "too old" for an Easter basket. Just fill it it relevant items, like checks and gas cards.

Good guy Zombie Jesus.

Guilty as charged.

He's going to be sorely disappointed.