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AZ GOP Asks Trump Supporters if They're Willing to Die to Overturn the Election in Series of Unhinged Tweets

Kyle Mazza/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Just one day after a bizarre tweet asking whether President-elect Joe Biden—the winner of the 2020 election—would attend outgoing President Donald Trump's inauguration in 2021, the rhetoric spewing from the Arizona Republican Party's official Twitter account has only gotten more sinister.

Trump and his legal team have deployed a variety of tactics to overturn the results of the recent presidential election—spouting disinformation and outright lies, filing frivolous lawsuits, and using the power of the presidency to pressure state legislators into illegally subverting their state's results.

These efforts haven't gotten Trump any closer to another four years in office, but they have succeeded in radicalizing Trump supporters across the nation based on lies that widespread voter fraud coordinated by Democrats tipped the election to Biden.

The Arizona GOP, run by chairwoman Kelli Ward, has thrown its support behind the effort, and even called on supporters to sacrifice their lives if necessary to secure another four years of Trump in office.

The official Twitter account of the state's Republican party retweeted a post from one of the founders of "Stop the Steal," who said he was ready to "give my life for this fight."

The party then asked if its other supporters were willing to do the same.

Shortly after, the account tweeted a since-removed clip from the fourth Rambo movie, with the caption:

"This is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something."

The increasingly militant rhetoric alarmed Twitter users.

People called out Kelli Ward for overseeing the dangerous rhetoric.

Thanks to lies like those from the Arizona GOP, Trump supporters across the country think of the 2020 election as a coup, insinuating widespread violence is in store if Trump is not inaugurated.