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GOP Elections Official Has Brutal Question For Republicans Who Still Support Donald Trump

Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer, called out Republicans who still support Trump even after he's crossed 'so many red lines,' issuing a damning question for his fellow GOP-ers.

Stephen Richer; Donald Trump
Meidas Touch Network, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A GOP elections official from Arizona is openly questioning whether or not former Republican President Donald Trump is fit for a return to the White House. And is calling out Republicans who still support him.

Stephen Richer, who is the Maricopa Country recorder for the Sunset State, told Meidas Touch that while he wants there to be a Republican president, it's clear to him, and an increasing number of Republican voters, that Trump “had crossed too many lines."

As examples, Richer cited Trump's perpetual dissemination of lies about a stolen election, his riling of MAGA supporters that led to the January 6 Capitol riot, the alleged stolen government documents at Mar-A-Lago after his exit from the Oval Office, and being found liable for sexual assault.

You can watch Richer's comments below.

Richer explained:

“These are things that 10 years ago we would have all said those are dealbreakers. This is a 'no, duh' situation. And I think we have gotten into a sort of weird mental warp where we have apologized, excused those things."
"And we have elevated what we perceive to be the threats of the left to a level where it excuses some behavior on our side."
"But I don’t believe that is appropriate. I don’t like a lot of the stuff the left is pushing.”

Richer, who said he and his family faced death threats after Republican Kari Lake laid some blame at his feet for her losing the Arizona gubernatorial race in 2022, had a pointed question for Republicans who are still considering supporting Trump:

“I want a Republican president, but if you can’t say no here, then is it just that you will never say no to the Republican nominee for president?"

He went on:

"I don’t believe that makes you an American first and that’s what I think is important.”

Social media users praised Richer for getting it right and wondered where the rest of his like-minded Republicans are.

In 2021, Richer became the 30th Recorder of Maricopa County after winning the general election in November 2020.

He filed a defamation lawsuit against Lake last summer and made it clear he was not suing as a Recorder but in his personal capacity.

He told the Arizona Republic that Lake's repeated lies about the election have "irreparably damaged his personal and professional life and reputation."