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Ann Coulter Can't Stop Trolling Trump After Border Patrol Tried to Brag About 'Over 200 Miles of New Border Wall'

Jason Kempin/Getty Images // Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Despite the extreme far-Right views that made her famous, author Ann Coulter has made it clear that she's no supporter of President Donald Trump.

But unlike most anti-Trump Republicans who withdrew support for the President after his antics went too far, Coulter's main criticism of the President is that he hasn't gone far enough.

Her most oft-used example of Trump's shortcomings is his actions to curb immigration.

Despite instituting travel bans, overcrowding detention centers, and separating children from parents, Coulter still doesn't believe the President's immigration efforts are sufficient, especially when it comes to one of the most emblematic promises of his 2016 campaign: the wall at the southern border.

Before Trump's election, there already existed hundreds of miles of existing fencing or other structures. The Trump administration tends to lump repairs to this existing fencing into its tally of how many miles of new wall have been built.

So while only three miles of completely new wall has been erected, only three miles of brand new primary wall exist.

Between racist dogwhistles and misinformation about the global pandemic, Coulter trolled Trump on Twitter over the size of his wall.

Trump went so far as to shut down the government over wall funding last year, and three miles of new wall exists.

People agreed that Trump came up significantly short on a wall most of the public didn't want in the first place.

Trump's supporters stayed loyal to the President—even if they had to change their chants from "Build that wall" to "Build some wall."

"Finish the wall" has become a popular phrase for the Trump campaign—but at this rate, it won't be finished anywhere close to Trump's lifetime.