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Does FedEx Observe Veterans Day 2017 for Package Deliveries?

Does FedEx Observe Veterans Day 2017 for Package Deliveries?
FedEx courier Nate Channing loads his truck with packages December 8, 2006 in San Francisco, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

FedEx observes some government holidays, and this year Veterans Day falls on Saturday, November 11. This means it is observed the 10th. Will FedEx deliver on Veterans Day?

Yes, FedEx will deliver. FedEx does not take off for Thanksgiving nor its government observance. According to their official holiday calendar, FedEx won't have an altered, holiday schedule until the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 22.

On that day, FedExes will have different business hours.

On Thanksgiving, all services except 24/7/365 services will be unavailable. Differing hours will continue into the weekend at FedEx locations but will resume officially on Tuesday, November 28.

FedEx will have normal operating hours until Christmastime after that. However, Christmastime starts early for FedEx. On Monday, December 18, FedEx stops its money-back guarantee for shipments until after the New Year, on January 2.

What Is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day first began as a celebration to mark the anniversary of the end of World War I. It was known as Armistice Day during its original year of 1918 when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. However, it was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 to include all veterans, from both World War II and the Korean War, which both ended in 1945 and 1953, respectively. According to, "In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially changed the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day."

This year, because Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, it is observed federally on Friday. If it fell on Sunday, it would have been observed on Monday.

Veterans Day is a day to honor veterans but is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which is in May. Veterans Day celebrates those who served in the military, while Memorial Day honors those who died while serving in the military.

According to Infoplease, 18.8 million are veterans as of 2015. Of that number, 1.6 million are female, 11.6% are black, and 6.8 million of them served in Vietnam. 3.9 million of veterans have service-related disabilities.

This Veterans Day, be sure to thank a veteran for their service.