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Trump Accidentally Tells the Truth About the 2020 Election in Bizarre Border Wall Boast

Trump Accidentally Tells the Truth About the 2020 Election in Bizarre Border Wall Boast

It's been more than a year since former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to current President Joe Biden, but Trump continues to falsely insist that he was the legitimate winner.

Trump mounted dozens of failed lawsuits, pressured multiple election officials and members of Congress, sought numerous audits, and blared an onslaught of disinformation that forever eroded his supporters' faith in American democracy, but he has yet to validate the fantasy that Democrats "stole" the 2020 election from him.

That's led many of Trump's critics to wonder whether the former President knows he lost and is comfortable lying to the public about it, or if he's actually under the delusion that he was robbed of reelection.

A recent interview Trump gave to Flashpoint, for some, is shedding light on that answer.

Watch below.

The accidental admission came as Trump boasted about his unfinished border wall to host Gene Bailey, saying:

"We built almost 500 miles of wall. Certain sections that you couldn't get rights to, and now we have rights. Had we won the election, it would be completed right now."

Never mind that the Trump administration only installed about 80 miles of new wall or that many of the land rights he touted were due to the government seizure of private property.

It was Trump's accidental admission that he lost the election which got people's attention.

For some, the casual way that Trump noted his loss prompted them to believe he knew the Big Lie was, in fact, a big lie.

Sadly, Trump will likely continue peddling the fantasy of a stolen election.