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Tomi Lahren Apologizes After Tweeting Fake Black Lives Matter Flier That Declared White People 'the Enemy'

Tomi Lahren Apologizes After Tweeting Fake Black Lives Matter Flier That Declared White People 'the Enemy'
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon // @TomiLahren/Twitter

As protests against the murder of unarmed Black people by police continue across the nation, far-Right commentator Tomi Lahren issued a rare apology after sharing a flier falsely attributed to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lahren has been vocally against the Black Lives Matter movement and similar ideologies for years, referring to Black protesters as "thugs" and likening Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan.

The flier Lahren tweeted claimed that Black Lives Matter endorses hatred against White people, calls "White men, women, and children" the enemy, and advocates for "more White homicides than Black."

After deleting her original tweet which treated the flier as fact, Lahren apologized and claimed she was "sincerely glad" the flier wasn't in any way endorsed by BLM or representative of the organization's platform.

A simple search of the fact-checking website Snopes would have revealed to Lahren that the flier was debunked two weeks ago.

According to Snopes, the earliest postings of this flier originate with far-Right accounts:

"It isn't clear who created this fake poster. The earliest posting that we could find was from June 11, 2020, from a Qanon Twitter account, a wide-ranging and far-right conspiracy theory based almost entirely on anonymous social media posts that claim a 'deep state' plot exists against President Donald Trump. From there, it was shared to the Russian site; an All Lives Matter account; and an account adorned with British flags, where it received thousands of retweets."

What's more, the flier directly contradicts the official platform and demands of Black Lives Matter:

In addition to the fact that this flyer originated with posters critical of BLM — and not with BLM accounts spreading this message in earnest — the statements on this flyer are also contrary to the positions of the Black Lives Matter movement. Nowhere on the Black Lives Matter website are white people identified as "enemies," and the website is void of any calls to violence against white people.

Despite her apology, Lahren still insists that she heard that a friend of her friend found the flier in her mailbox.

Lahren is a frequent critic of the media and constantly echoes derisions from President Donald Trump dismissing journalists as promulgators of "fake news."

But people soon pointed out that Lahren was the one tweeting unverified, and proven fake, "news."

The claim that she'd heard from a friend that their friend received it in her mailbox didn't help either.

Lahren's views on Black Lives Matter aren't expected to change.