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'The Walking Dead' Death Spoiler Spells a Grim End for this Savior

There are only two episodes left in the eighth season of The Walking Dead, and as we grow nearer to the end of “All Out War,”, there is going to be plenty of wrapping up of for some characters. During the large-scale conflict battle between Rick and Negan's egos, fans witnessed the progression of several characters. Simon temporarily broke free of his role as Negan’s number two, Dwight struggled to keep his alliance with Grimes and company secret, Eugene continued his descent into a complete piece of garbage, Jadis lost everything, and Aaron attempted to garner the trust of the Oceanside Community.

The penultimate episode will likely put an end to at least one of these storylines, and based on previews, the focus appears to fall on Dwight and Simon. Both betrayed Negan in their own way, though Dwight had the pleasure of his still being a secret. In last week's episode, however, Negan is said to have picked up the only Savior to learn of Dwight's transgressions: Laura. What viewers know for sure is that Simon’s actions against Jadis’ community aren’t a secret to the leather-clad antagonist. Simon had already been warned of his tendency to step out of line, which puts him on the chopping block.

Unfortunately, The Spoiling Dead Fans’ informant has revealed they won’t be dishing out details on the last two episodes, but forum moderator, ShinyFirefly, was still able to dig up one definite bit of info: Simon does not make it into the season finale. The actor behind Simon, Steven Ogg, commented on the upcoming confrontation, stating the right-hand-man will “face the music” when Negan returns to the Sanctuary. How Simon dies is still a question, and while Maggie would pull the trigger if the opportunity arose, chances are Negan will deliver the fatal blow.

As for Dwight’s fate, there’s no solid answer, but ShinyFirefly's source did mention that, while his cover is blown by Laura, he doesn’t get a date with Lucille. Instead, he’s given the Daryl Dixon treatment: forced to wear Dixon’s old prison garb and live in the same cell. If this is the case, it appears to be a surprising act of mercy on Negan’s part considering this is the second time Dwight disappointed the Sanctuary leader. Then again, Negan's actions are never random and chances are he has a plan for the traitor.

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans

ShinyFirefly’s anonymous source also cryptically mentions that Dwight is “one of the heroes in the season finale,” following up with “the other I will mention next week.” There are several possibilities for that second hero, though it most likely won’t be one of the usual suspects. Rick and Maggie have been so engrossed in exacting revenge that the task of putting an end to the war will probably fall on somebody unexpected. One candidate could be Eugene, who had been seen on set in restraints being escorted by Daryl and Rosita. Eugene’s alliance with Negan only went so far as being a means of staying alive. Once removed from the Sanctuary, there’s nothing stopping him from helping his old comrades one again.

Other possibilities include Sherry, Dwight’s ex-wife that’s been absent since season seven and rumored to return before the season’s end, and the more obvious option of the Oceanside survivors. The all-female community lost everything to the Saviors and, as we learned when he recruited Rick and friends to Alexandria, Aaron can be a convincing person.

To see what unfolds during the season’s penultimate episode, catch The Walking Dead on AMC at 6 pm EST.