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Climate Scientists Flocking to France for Funding and Support

American climate scientists can’t resist the opportunity to work in a country that values ...


France’s Plan To Combat Lyme Disease Puts The U.S. To Shame

France is battling Lyme disease with a comprehensive prevention-education-treatment strategy. The U.S. has ten ...


Stephen Hawking Issues Dire Prediction for What Trump Will Do To Earth

Stephen Hawking isn’t a fan of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the ...


LGBTQ Rights Are Under Attack in Texas

Texas goes after LGBTQ rights with a series of new legislation


The U.S. Brain Drain Could Begin With Scientists

France rolls out the welcome mat for U.S. scientists and others who are disenfranchised ...


Donald Trump Is The Punishment The Right Wing Media Deserves

Without the manufactured villainy of Obama and Clinton, the right wing media finds itself ...


Bloomberg to World Leaders: Ignore Trump on Climate

Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Urges Leaders to Ignore Trump’s Position on Climate Change