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Washington State GOP Lawmaker Stands By Bonkers Theory About 'Reptilian-Human Hybrids' Despite Backlash
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You may have heard recently that our country is having a small problem with bizarre conspiracy theories propagating beyond their usual dark corners of the internet--like, for instance, into the halls of government.

For example, Washington State GOP legislator Representative Jenny Graham, who recently spoke out on Facebook about a supposed cabal of " reptilian-human hybrids," that are also demons, and are trafficking children in order to sexually abuse them.

And when called to account by the local paper in her district, Graham simply stood her ground.

Inlander, the local newspaper in Spokane, Washington, where Graham's district is located, reports that the controversy began in December, when Graham wrote a since-deleted Facebook post discussing the bizarre theory.

"Graham wrote that the 'appetite to have sex with children as young as infants is a growing business'."

The post cited a blog which claimed the child traffickers are "extra-dimensional" "reptilian-human hybrids."

"[Graham's post] linked to a blog post claiming... that 'a significant portion' of 460,000 missing children a year 'end up in sex dungeons to be exploited and repeatedly raped by ... demons.'"
"Literal demons, the blogger explains in another post — or more specifically Reptilian-human hybrids put into positions of power by evil extra-dimensional beings"

Graham told Inlander that while she didn't realize the sites she was reading and linking to contained such outlandish claims as the existence of demonic lizard people, let alone criminal ones, she did not regret the posts she made.

"The trafficking is real, and sadly enough, so is the occult situation."
"I'm not telling people to think one way or another about something. These are important issues that I like to get feedback on from people in my district."

As happens with many conspiracy theories, Graham was led to the bizarre "reptilian-human hybrid" story via an anti-vaccine website that has become rife with QAnon-affiliated conspiracy theories that, as Inlander describes:

"[perpetuate] bizarre claims about globalist pedophiles harvesting "children's blood just before they are murdered as a sacrifice to Satan."

On Twitter, many people were disturbed by Graham's seemingly impenetrable dedication to conspiracies.

And of course, some people couldn't help but laugh.

As recently as this month, Graham has had posts removed by Facebook which made false claims about pandemic expert Anthony Fauci, the efficacy of masks and debunked cures for the virus such a hydroxychloroquine.