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Dem Rep Hilariously Requests 'Advil' After MTG's Bitter Ukraine Complaint

Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove says 'I need an Advil' after Marjorie Taylor Greene complains about Ukraine support.

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Sydney Kamlager Dove

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene gave at least one of her colleagues a headache during a Thursday discussion about amendments to the fiscal year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

Greene—who is highly critical of the US providing aid to Ukraine and has even referred to the war there as "the war on Russia in Ukraine"—is opposed to a provision in the bill that would create a Center of Excellence in Ukraine.

Best known for spreading wild conspiracy theories and QAnon rhetoric, Greene made sure everyone knew of her opposition.

The Georgia MAGA Republican spoke in support of an amendment to strip that provision from the legislation, saying:

"The American people don’t work hard every single day to pay for other countries’ borders to be defended."
"They want our border defended."
"And we have 300 Americans dying every single day from fentanyl poisoning that’s coming from China and the Mexican cartels."

She concluded:

"If our Department of Defense wants to defend America, we should be defending our border and not proclaiming our righteousness talking about a war in Ukraine. With that, Mr. Speaker, I yield."

The committee chair then recognized California Democratic Representative Sydney Kamlager-Dove.

Her response to Greene was a simple but severe burn before yielding the balance of her time.

Representative Kamlager-Dove said:

"Thank you, Mr. Speaker."
"I request an Advil and yield one minute to Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina."

You can view the exchange below:

Twitter users found Kamlager-Dove's comment quite comical.

Some suggested additional needs for dealing with Greene's repetitive rhetoric.

Others offered their own response for Greene.

As well as feedback for Kamlager-Dove.

Representative Kamlager-Dove is far from the only one fed up with Greene's antics, but so far she's the first to call them out so succinctly on the House floor.