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Surveillance Video Debunks Right-Wing Claim That Nashville Shooter Entered Through 'Open' Side Door

Covenant School surveillance footage showed the assailant shooting through a glass door to enter the building, contrary to rightwing lies about an 'open' side door.

Split image with a screenshot of a Fox News broadcast showing police outside of Nashville's Covenant School on the left and a screenshot from a surveillance video of the shooter entering the school after shooting out a set of glass doors on the right.
Fox News & The Covenant School

A guest on Fox News made a bizarre claim that unlocked side doors in schools are a "common pattern in many" school shootings, but the evidence doesn't seem to agree with her.

Former FBI agent Nicole Parker appeared on the network to comment on the school shooting in Nashville, Tennesee yesterday that left 3 children and 3 adults dead.

The victims were identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus - age 9, Hallie Scruggs - 9, William Kinney - 9, Cynthia Peak - 61, Katherine Koonce - 60 and Mike Hill - age 61.

During her commentary on the shooting, Parker didn't mention the firearms used by the shooter even once—but she did find time to make up her own story about how the shooter entered the school building that somehow also blamed the school.

Parker said:

"That seems to be a common pattern in many of these shootings, a side door."
"If we can lock the side doors and make sure that the schools are secure, hopefully we can avoid these tragedies going forward."

A clip of the segment quickly went viral on Twitter, with more than 7 million views as of the time of writing.

A lot of people had strong opinions on Parker's statement. People were understandably nonplussed by the assertion the supposed link in school shootings was "side doors."

Many took to Twitter to ridicule both Parker and Fox News for the misinformation.

Many people made the point most schools in many countries throughout the world have side doors—many of which may be unlocked—but they don't have the same problem of rampant school shootings the United States does.

Aside from Parker's heavy dose of victim blaming, she was also just plain wrong.

Security camera footage from the school directly refutes Parker's claim—the perpetrator shot out a locked glass door to enter the school.

You can view a clip of the surveillance camera footage of the shooter entering the building below.

*The following video does not depict any violence against people, but might still be disturbing for some viewers*

Fox News being reluctant to talk about gun control in the wake of yet another tragedy, and coming up with absolutely bizarre ways to supposedly solve the school shooting crisis, is very on-brand.

After the shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas killed 19 people last year, a plethora of non-gun-related solutions were put forth by Fox News hosts and guests. These included everything from the usual "good guy with a gun" to ballistic blankets in classrooms to locking school doors.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was among those blaming doors for the shootings.

He told Fox News:

"One of the things that everyone agreed is don’t have all of these unlocked back doors. Have one door into and out of the school and have [...] armed police officers at that door"

While attempting to control access to schools is definitely not a bad idea, unlocked doors are not the thread that connects all of these school shootings.