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Wisconsin Woman's Obituary Urges People to Donate to Republican Senator's 2022 Opponent

Wisconsin Woman's Obituary Urges People to Donate to Republican Senator's 2022 Opponent
STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Wiconsinite Carol Lindeen passed away this week at the age of 81. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, she'd grown to regret her politeness on touchy subjects like religion, politics, and finances.

That changed after her Senator, Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, spoke in a Senate committee hearing in the aftermath of the deadly insurrection by extremist supporters of former President Donald Trump on January 6.

At the hearing, Johnson promoted conspiracy theories that antifa and other anti-Trump entities secretly coordinated the attack to make Trump look bad.

All evidence, including the words of multiple eyewitnesses and participants, show that Trump supporters were the instigators of the violence.

Lindeen was enraged to hear her Senator dismiss the unprecedented domestic attack on the Capitol.

According to Lindeen's daughter, Laurie Lindeen:

"We were watching TV and Ron Johnson was totally whitewashing and, you know, making January 6 sound like it was just a bunch of goofy people having fun. And she was just irate, so she was going off. She said she wished that she had spoken up more and done more and that she wanted to be a freedom fighter, which is something I'd never heard before."

But Carol Lindeen righted that regret with her obituary, which read in part:

"In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Ron Johnson's opponent in 2022."

In addition to his lies about the Capitol siege, Johnson has spent this week vigorously fighting pandemic relief in the Senate, forcing Senate clerks to read the 600+ page bill aloud to delay the vote, wasting nearly 11 hours in the face of one of the country's most urgent crises.

Lindeen's dying wish was met with widespread support.

Others are joining her in rebuking Senator Johnson.

Though Johnson's intention was to delay the vote, the stunt appears to have backfired. After the reading of the bill concluded in the early morning hours, a motion passed to shorten debate from 20 hours to three hours.

No Republican was present to object.