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Far-Right State Sen. Makes Surprisingly Self-Aware Assessment Of GOP After Kari Lake Loss

Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers, who called for 'more gallows' in February, made the surprising reflection on 'The Charlie Kirk Show'.

Charlie Kirk; Wendy Rogers
The Charlie Kirk Show

Republicans' historically poor showing in the midterms reached what could arguably be called its apex on Monday when underdog Democrat Katie Hobbs defeated far-right Republican conspiracy theorist and Trump-devotee Kari Lake in the race for Arizona governor, despite consistently polling behind Lake for weeks.

In the aftermath, a far-right Republican state senator thinks she knows why.

And for once it's not a conspiracy theory about the election having been stolen.

Instead, Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers was surprisingly self-aware, telling right-wing extremist Charlie Kirk she thought the midterm results speak to a right-wing trapped inside an "echo chamber" making them out of touch with most voters.

What a difference a dew days make, huh?

See Rogers comments below.

Rogers comments came during an appearance on Kirk's radio and YouTube program The Charlie Kirk Show.

During the show, Kirk dejectedly described feeling shocked by the election results and pointed out how "the vibe on the ground was totally different" in Arizona from how the governor's race ended up going.

When he asked Rogers to explain what might have happened November 8, she responded:

“We wonder now if we were in an echo chamber... I don’t know, I’m just beginning to get some perspective."

And lest you think Rogers is a more moderate Republican, Rogers is a vocal supporter of White nationalist Nick Fuentes, has called for county election officials to be put in solitary confinement and told a meeting of White nationalists "we need to build more gallows" to execute those who helped Democratic President Joe Biden supposedly steal the 2020 election.

Liz Cheney she is not.

Charlie Kirk is far from moderate himself. His organization Turning Point USA has been instrumental in elevating extremist right-wing candidates.

He and Turning Point's COO Tyler Bowyer—who joined Rogers on Kirk's show—both agreed with Rogers' assessment.

Bowyer reiterated her "echo chamber" comment and Kirk mused:

“I do think voters are telling us that they’re fatigued. I think people are telling us, they’re trying to send it in more ways than one: ‘I’m going to vote for the more boring person.’”

On Twitter, people loved to see Republicans having such revelations.

Many couldn't help but feel a bit of schadenfreude about it.

While Arizona elected Democrats to the United States Senate and high-level state offices like governor and secretary of state, it flipped several House seats from Democrats to Republicans, suggesting a large number of right-wing voters split their tickets in protest of Trump-backed extremists.

Indications of similar voting patterns were observed in several states across the country.

Good luck with that 2024 run, Donald.