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Roger Stone Tried to Get the Judge on His Case 'Disqualified' and She Just Shut Him All the Way Down

Roger Stone Tried to Get the Judge on His Case 'Disqualified' and She Just Shut Him All the Way Down

After his conviction for obstructing justice, intimidating a witness, lying to Congress, and other charges, former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison earlier this month.

The sentence came after months of drama surrounding the case, including Stone's veiled threats to Judge Amy Berman Jackson on social media, and the Justice Department's decision to override the sentence recommendations of its own prosecutors after Trump criticized them.

But Stone's antics didn't end with his sentencing.

Stone's counsel moved to have Jackson removed from any further matters regarding his case, claiming she showed bias when commending the jurors for doing their jobs.

Judge Berman Jackson didn't hesitate to nip that accusation in the bud:

"There is no rule and no case law that would justify the recusal of a judge for bias simply because he or she says something about an issue on the docket, on the record, at some point before a reply has been filed, or before a hearing — which may or may not be required in the Court's discretion — has concluded. If parties could move to disqualify every judge who furrows his brow at one side or the other before ruling, the entire court system would come to a standstill."

Stone's team may not be a fan of the ruling, but others commended the Judge's clapback.

Stone will soon report to prison, though some expect a presidential pardon is imminent.