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Pelosi Rips McCarthy's 'Shrinking Speakership' With Hand Gesture For The Ages

In a CNN interview, Nancy Pelosi bemoaned Kevin McCarthy's 'incredibly shrinking speakership' while making a suggestive gesture with her hand.

Nancy Pelosi; Kevin McCarthy
Kimberly White/Getty Images, Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy with a simple hand gesture that left little to the imagination.

In a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Pelosi slammed McCarthy for directing House Committees to launch an impeachment inquiry against Democratic President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Pelosi explained to Cooper the pressure McCarthy is under from his extremist wing.

“You have to impeach the president or else we’re going to vacate the chair of speaker."
"You have to shut down government or else we’re going to vacate the chair of speaker."

"This is not responsible governance," she said, adding, "but it’s the chaos on the Republican side.”

Cooper asked the Speaker Emerita if McCarthy had put himself in an "impossible situation" by ingratiating himself with Republicans to secure his position after he narrowly won the speakership on the 15th ballot in January.

In response, Pelosi said–while slowly squeezing her right hand into a tight fist–that the situation was:

"an incredibly shrinking speakership."

You can watch her demonstration here.

People on X (formerly Twitter) were here for Pelosi's emasculating blow to McCarthy.

Her grip on the situation prompted even more reverence for the Italian-American descendant.

When Cooper asked if her description of the speakership was what it came down to, Pelosi replied:

"Yeah, I mean it became that the first night when he had to make all these pledges of promises to become speaker."
"Really, it isn't worth it to be speaker to abdicate that much jurisdiction over the House."

You can watch the full CNN interview here.

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