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The White House Went After Senator Kamala Harris on Twitter for Wanting to Reform ICE and She Clapped Back Hard

(Photos by Saul Loeb/AFP and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

On Monday, the Trump administration used the official White House Twitter account to attack California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris. Trump's White House accused Senator Harris of "supporting the animals of MS-13."

It was a definite departure from the norm. President Donald Trump usually uses his own personal Twitter account to attack members of congress.

The reason for the attack on Harris? The Democratic Senator attended the Los Angeles Families Belong Together march over the weekend and has called for reforms to the policies and practices of ICE.

But Harris easily identified the source of the attack on her integrity and record as a prosecutor and former Attorney General of California. It did not take her long to respond.

Harris, a graduate of Howard University and University of California Hastings, worked in the San Francisco District Attorney's Office and City Attorney's Office. She was elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2004 where she served until 2011.

In 2010, Harris was elected California's Attorney General and reelected in 2014. On November 8, 2016, she became a United States Senator, becoming California's third female Senator.

Harris, whose term in the Senate won't end until 2023, also reached out via email to her supporters about the false allegations made against her by the Trump administration.

Excerpt of Senator Kamala Harris email to supporters. (Kamala Harris for Senate)

In her email, Harris states:

"A few moments ago, this White House used its official, taxpayer-funded Twitter account to launch a completely false attack on me..."

Let me be very clear: As a career prosecutor, I actually went after gangs and transnational criminal organizations. That's being a leader on public safety. What is not, is ripping babies from their mothers."

I will never stop fighting to hold Trump and his Administration accountable and I will never stop speaking out against their immoral policies like separating parents from their families."

Harris ended the email with a renewed pledge to continue to fight for the rights and needs of her constituents and all people in the United States.

Excerpt of Senator Kamala Harris email to supporters. (Kamala Harris for Senate)

The Democratic Senator closed her email stating,

Every single day feels like a race to the bottom with this Administration, and the American people deserve better. You deserve better."

When our kids and grandkids ask you where you were and what you did at this moment in time, what will your answer be? Mine will be that I did everything I could to stop this Administration’s reprehensible agenda."

At the bottom of all correspondence from Harris' campaign appears this very relevant quote from civil rights leader Coretta Scott King:

Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in every generation." ~ Coretta Scott King

Harris garnered ample support on Twitter, both on the original tweet by the Trump White House and on her own responses to the Twitter attack.

And questions were again raised about the use of an official government account to attack members of congress.