MONMOUTH POLL: 53% of Americans Feel Trump’s Policies Have Not Benefited the Middle Class

His actions don’t match his rhetoric.

As President Donald Trump promises the GOP tax plan benefits the middle class, a majority of Americans say they don’t believe it according to a new poll. Most Americans feel Trump’s policies don’t help those who fall between rich and poor.

Among respondents in a Monmouth University poll conducted December 10 through 12, 53 percent said that middle class families have “not at all” benefited from Trump’s policies. 25 percent said the middle class benefited “a little,” 11 percent said “a lot,” with 11 percent undecided. Republicans released the final version of their tax plan Friday, after the poll finished.

The numbers in the poll released on Monday represent another dip in confidence in Trump since his inauguration. In January, 29 percent of respondents said they thought the middle class would not benefit at all which jumped 24 percentage points to 53 percent by December. Back in January, 40 percent said they expected a little benefit and 26 percent anticipated a lot of benefit. Those Trump administration approval numbers both fell by 15 percent.

“Right now, the American middle class is not particularly impressed with the current administration’s performance on bread and butter issues. A major task for congressional Republicans and President Trump will be convincing these voters that they will benefit from the plan,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, stated about the GOP tax bill.

Many Americans see this bill more as an attempt by Republicans to gain a political victory and would rather see Congress scrap this plan and start over.”

Trump presented the tax plan as a “gift” to the middle class, but critics say it favors America’s richest, including Trump’s own family as well as numerous members of Congress.

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