READ: Rep. Jose Serrano Says of Trump Citizenship Census Question: ‘I Have No Intention of Allowing This Flagrant Waste of Money’

Despite the Supreme Court temporarily blocking the measure, President Donald Trump is insisting that his administration will continue in its efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, even if it means delaying the constitutionally mandated count.

Democrats emphatically came out against the question’s inclusion, fearing it would result in a lack of public resources due to Americans underreporting. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) even said the question’s purpose is solely to “make America white again,” alluding to Trump’s infamous 2016 campaign slogan.

Counteracting the White House’s determination, Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY) has vowed to block the effort. As the House Democrat overseeing spending on the Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau, Serrano has a powerful say in the matter.

Warning that reprinting of the Census would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, the congressman vowed:

 “I have no intention of allowing this flagrant waste of money. I once again urge the Trump Administration to give up this fight and allow for a depoliticized and accurate census, as we always have.”

Read the full statement below:

People cheered for Serrano’s resolve.

The Department of Justice legal team making the case for the question’s inclusion recently experienced a massive shakeup, leading many to believe that veteran officials don’t believe a delay in the census has any judicial standing.

The answer to this question? Far from over.

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