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Shortly Before Being Sworn In as Senator, Mitt Romney Slammed Donald Trump in a Savage OpEd, and Trump Just Fired Back

Laying down the gauntlet.

Just days away from his inauguration to the United States Senate, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney (R-UT) is making clear where he stands when it comes to President Donald Trump.

In a scathing op-ed for the Washington Post, Romney warns the nation that Trump's character falls short of what is needed for a President to unite the country.

Though Romney concedes that Trump has accomplished some aspects of the Conservative agenda, he notes that "policies and appointments" are just part of a Presidency, before elaborating on what a President should represent to the nation.

"To a great degree, a presidency shapes the public character of the nation. A president should unite us and inspire us to follow 'our better angels.' A president should demonstrate the essential qualities of honesty and integrity, and elevate the national discourse with comity and mutual respect. As a nation, we have been blessed with presidents who have called on the greatness of the American spirit. With the nation so divided, resentful and angry, presidential leadership in qualities of character is indispensable. And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring."

He also vowed to call out the bigotry Donald Trump mobilized to earn the steadfast support of his base:

"I do not intend to comment on every tweet or fault. But I will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it didn't take the President too long to respond:

The op-ed and Trump's response to it have brought an array of reactions. Some, like GOP chairwoman Romney's own niece Ronna McDaniel, defended the President.

But for the most part, Americans stood with Romney against Trump.

Some were quick to point out that, unlike Donald Trump, Romney won the popular vote in his senate election.

Though Romney was commended in some circles, some remain wary.

Many still expect Romney to fall in line with the President.

Romney officially begins his tenure as a Senator for Utah on January 3rd. Only after that will the country see just how much weight his words against Trump should hold.