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People Are Sharing What Fox & Friends Covered This Morning Instead of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, and We're Not Surprised

After a riveting news day on Tuesday afternoon, networks and newspapers everywhere are covering the guilty pleas entered by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen (in which he implicated the president) and former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort being found guilty within minutes of Cohen's surrender.

The events are dominating the news today, except, apparently, on the president's favorite network: Fox News.

The network discussed everything from playtime:

to Hooters:

to the Tooth Fairy.

To be fair, the show did cover the Manafort and Cohen stories...for 3 minutes:

But while many were appalled at the short shrift that Trump's favorite show gave to these monumental stories, others were hardly surprised.

Tuesday's developments are sure to be remembered as the more pivotal moments in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, so many criticized the network for what they saw as skirting the issue.

While yesterday's events seem indefensible, they haven't stopped many Trump supporters and Fox News anchors from trying.

Many on the right are scrambling to deflect the damning testimony from Cohen that he paid hush money to Trump's alleged mistresses at the president's direction.

One method Republicans--Trump included--are employing is a familiar one: Blame Obama. Fox and Friends did just that this morning.

The president, who was likely watching, subsequently agreed.

It was a spin his supporters quickly adopted.

But users were quick to nip it in the bud.

Many on the right are also turning attention to Mollie Tibbetss--the University of Iowa student believed to have been murdered at the hands of an undocumented immigrant--to distract from the developments.

While tragic, the benefits of using Tibbetts's death to make a political point are beginning to evaporate.

As even the Trump administration struggles to spin these latest revelations, many are wondering if the combination of Cohen's and Manafort's verdicts will be enough to lead to a deposition or impeachment of the president and his allies.