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REPORT: Florida Governor’s Race Tightens To Within .5% Triggering a Recount, Gillum Tweets ‘Every Voice Must Be Heard in This Race!’

Hoo boy.
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The midterms aren’t over yet. The closely fought race for Florida governor looks headed for a recount as the difference in votes between the two candidates has fallen to less than half a percent.

As of Thursday afternoon, former Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis is up just 0.4 percentage points – that’s 36,234 votes out of more than 8 million votes cast – over Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

On Wednesday evening, with tens of thousands of ballots still uncounted, Gillum said he was “looking forward to seeing every vote counted.”

DeSantis had been declared the winner of the race Tuesday night. Gillum, who is looking to be the first black governor of the Sunshine State, conceded the election to DeSantis after the race was called.

Under Florida law, however, any margin of less than 0.5 percent triggers an automatic recount. The Gillum campaign on Thursday reportedly told April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks that DeSantis’s lead had dropped to less than 15,000 votes.

Gillum urged Florida voters Thursday afternoon to make sure their provisional ballots were properly cast and submitted.

“Every voice must be heard in this race!” Gillum wrote on Twitter. “If you voted a provisional ballot, make sure your vote gets counted by contacting your County Supervisor of Elections by 5 PM TODAY.”

People did just that.


The following tweets can help if you live in Florida and need to secure your vote.

There is still hope down there in Florida.

Florida’s Senate race was also close enough to cross into recount territory.

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