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Rightwing Undercover Video Claiming to Show 'ILLEGAL' Voting Mocked for Not Knowing How Elections Work

Rightwing Undercover Video Claiming to Show 'ILLEGAL' Voting Mocked for Not Knowing How Elections Work

After a much closer than expected race, New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy secured a second term after defeating Republican Jack Ciattarelli. Murphy's victory ended a nearly 50 year losing streak for Democratic New Jersey Governors' reelection efforts.

Like clockwork, right wing media began claiming the New Jersey election was rigged—a consequence of former President Donald Trump's continued brazen lies about widespread voter fraud "stealing" a reelection victory in the 2020 election from him.

Project Veritas, a right-wing disinformation outlet known for creating deceptive videos, released a bizarrely edited clip claiming to show an Irish citizen voting in the New Jersey gubernatorial election.

Watch below.

The video, which is missing multiple sections of the exchange, shows a New Jersey poll worker offering a ballot to a man claiming to be an Irish citizen trying to vote.

The worker says she isn't sure how the man is eligible to vote before another employee says she remembers him and that they were "allowing anyone to come in" and submit a ballot.

The worker ultimately gives the man a ballot, saying:

"I'll let you fill out a ballot now. Whether or not they're going to count it, I don't know."

After the man says he has a work visa, the poll worker says, "We'll let you do it. They'll figure that out."

Though Project Veritas sensationalized the exchange, it's completely normal for poll workers to let potential voters fill out a provisional ballot, which is then sent for further review. If the person is deemed eligible to vote, the provisional ballot is counted. If the person is ineligible, it's not counted.

People didn't hesitate to point this out.

Sadly, Project Veritas still succeeded in its effort to spread disinformation and erode public faith in American democracy.

Curiously enough, right wing media hasn't sought any evidence of fraud in the Virginia gubernatorial election, where the GOP candidate won. The election occurred on the same day as New Jersey's, and prominent Republicans had said for weeks that the race there would be rigged.