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A Republican Group Just Released an Ad Calling Out Trump for Obstruction of Justice and People are Cheering

Country over party.

A Republican Group Just Released an Ad Calling Out Trump for Obstruction of Justice and People are Cheering
Drew Angerer/Getty Images // Republicans for the Rule of Law/Youtube

After the release of the redacted Mueller report to the public last week, many Republicans treated the inability to establish conspiracy and obstruction beyond a shadow of a doubt amounted to total exoneration.

Many dismissed the multiple incidents in the report that detail instances in which President Donald Trump tried to hinder the Special Counsel's investigation at nearly every turn including ordering then-White House Counsel Don McGahn to influence Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller as well as lie to the public, firing former FBI Director James Comey under suspicious circumstances, and multiple instances of misrepresenting or outright lying about the facts.

Despite continuing to lambast the investigation and the report on Twitter, Trump insists that the report completely clears him—and his base is buying it.

However, at least one Republican group finds the details of the President's behavior outlined in the Mueller Report more than a little disturbing, and they're running an ad to spread the word.

Watch below:

The 34 second ad doesn't mince words when it comes to just what the Mueller Report contains:

"The Mueller Report revealed multiple instances of Trump lying and obstructing justice. Twenty years ago, Republicans denounced a Democratic president for lying and obstructing justice."

It then cuts to footage of numerous Republican lawmakers railing against then-President Bill Clinton for lying to the American people, and to investigators, about his relationship with White House Intern Monica Lewinsky. Republicans in the ad launch one specific accusation throughout: Obstruction of Justice.

"Republicans cared stood for the rule of law then. We should stand for the rule of law now."

The ad encourages viewers to visit

"Obstruction of Justice" isn't the only ad by Rule of Law Republicans calling out Trump for the revelations in the Mueller Report.

Another ad released at the same time shows various Fox News hosts pointing out just how the Mueller Report doesn't exonerate Trump.

People are glad that a group is prioritizing the integrity of the Presidency and the stability of the United States over the perception of its party.

But for many, the GOP is too far gone.

Let's hope the rule of law becomes more "likable" as 2020 rears its head.