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Trump Campaign Apologizes to CNN After Spokeswoman Falsely Goes After Anchor's Husband in Unhinged Op-Ed

Trump Campaign Apologizes to CNN After Spokeswoman Falsely Goes After Anchor's Husband in Unhinged Op-Ed

CNN's Brianna Keilar and Trump campaign senior advisor Mercedes Schlapp traded barbs in a tense interview on Tuesday while discussing voting by mail.

Schlapp falsely stated that voting by mail is rife with fraud—an oft-repeated talking point from President Donald Trump. Keilar listed numerous studies from conservative institutions including the George W. Bush Justice Department and the Heritage Foundation which have shown that attempted voter fraud by mail is statistically insignificant.

When Schlapp doubled down, Keilar accused her of "saying a bunch of crap."

Watch below.

Though the interview concluded, the point of contention remained.

Schlapp penned a subsequent op-ed for RealClearPolitics asserting that a new law in Nevada would allow people to cast their vote for President up to three days after the election.

But Schlapp also targeted Keilar's husband Fernando Lujan, a military veteran, claiming he was a "ferocious opponent of the president."

As it turns out, Schlapp's basis for the claim was tweets from an account with the same name. Schlapp incorrectly identified the Twitter as Keilar's husband in the article.

Keilar responded with a brutal rebuke.

Keilar informed Schlapp that her husband served not only as a Green Beret, but as National Security Council director under both Obama and Trump.

Keilar concluded:

"Get your facts straight. And don't mess with my family."

Schlapp has not publicly apologized, but Lujan tweeted that she did express regret to him in a phone call.

CNN's chief media correspondent, Brian Stelter, said that the "highest levels of the Trump campaign" apologized to CNN as well.

It's well-documented that President Donald Trump hates two things: CNN and apologizing, so the position of being a Trump campaign official apologizing to CNN is unenviable to say the least.

Trump has repeatedly decried the network both on his Twitter account, onstage at his rallies, and from the podium at the White House. His administration revoked CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass before being court-ordered to restore it. He's repeatedly refused to take questions from CNN reporters.

Despite that humble pie, people still feel that Schlapp herself should publicly apologize.

Others accused CNN of amplifying falsehoods from "agents of chaos" by having Schlapp on the network in the first place.

It's unconfirmed whether or not Schlapp will appear on CNN again.