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QAnon Rep. Sparks Backlash After Calling for 'Price of Blood' to 'Restore America'

QAnon Rep. Sparks Backlash After Calling for 'Price of Blood' to 'Restore America'

Far-right Congresswoman and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has a long-established pattern of promoting violence against her perceived enemies.

In her first months of Congress, Greene was stripped of her committee assignments, partly because she expressed support for the execution of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California on Facebook.

But that reprimand wasn't enough to discourage Greene from continuing to suggest political violence. Greene has suggested shooting volunteers who go door-to-door with vaccine information. She's encouraged her followers to buy AR-15s. She's defended Capitol insurrectionists who beat police officers. She's repeatedly accosted her colleagues on the House floor, forcing one Congresswoman—Cori Bush of Missouri—to change offices to avoid further harassment.

And in a recent appearance with white nationalist and former Trump official Steve Bannon, Greene once again suggested blood be spilt.

Watch below.

Greene said:

"We need a good plan that restores America back to the republic that it was originally founded to be, because our freedoms are so precious, Steve, that we do not want to lose them, and the only way you get freedom back after you've lost it is with the price of blood."

The comments had some wanting to boot her from Congress.

The internet was enraged by the apparent call to violence.

Like all representatives, Greene is up for reelection in 2022.