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Cawthorn Says U.S. Is 'Headed' for 'Second Amendment Solutions' in Secretly Recorded Video

Cawthorn Says U.S. Is 'Headed' for 'Second Amendment Solutions' in Secretly Recorded Video
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Far-right Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina has repeatedly embraced Christian fascism and suggested that armed rebellion may be the only way for the United States to achieve his vision of government.

The 26 year old freshman representative has urged Christians to "take our country back" amid what he believes is a "spiritual battle." He's repeatedly referred to the Capitol insurrectionists as "political prisoners." He's foreseen "bloodshed" if elections continue to be "stolen."

Now, a secretly recorded video from The Undercurrent further confirms Cawthorn's openness to an armed takeover.

Watch below.

In the video, an undercover reporter is heard asking Cawthorn:

"Is it time for Second Amendment solutions from this runaway government and stolen elections? Are we nearing that point?"

The Second Amendment is, of course, the amendment entitling Americans to a "well-regulated militia" and "the right to keep and bear arms," which conservatives like Cawthorn believe is necessary to rebel against the government—which has a defense budget of more than $700 billion—if they believe it oversteps.

Cawthorn responded:

"We're obviously headed in that direction, but I think we have a chance to save it without having need for kinetic forces meeting each other. ... I really believe in our ability to save the country, but if it doesn't happen, I will be the first to call it."

If Cawthorn's comments weren't chilling enough on their own, conservative voters have repeatedly indicated support for violent takeovers of the United States government. In addition to the deadly failed insurrection against the United States Capitol mounted by pro-Trump extremists, they've been on video asking things like "how many elections are we going to let them steal before we kill these people?" and calling for "20 strong men" to forcibly remove officials like school board members.

Cawthorn's comments only further confirmed the growing violent fantasies Republican politicians are entertaining.

They want Cawthorn out of Congress.

Cawthorn's reelection is in November 2022.