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Kayleigh Eviscerated for Promoting Trump's Christmas Grift with Absurdly Overpriced Tickets

Drew Angerer/Getty Images // @kayleighmcenany

Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to grifting. His campaign cleaned out small-dollar donors with hidden recurring donations. His allies' fundraising emails exploited his followers' loyalty by shaming them for not giving enough. He repeatedly funneled donor and taxpayer money into the Trump Organization's coffers.

And this Friday, Trump will hold a Christmas party in Naples, Florida, touting festive cocktails, dinner, and photos with the former President.

Trump's former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, plugged the soirée on Twitter, calling it "Florida's greatest Christmas party".

The link McEnany provided peddles $10 thousand tickets for single donors, $20 thousand tickets for couples, and $30 thousand tickets for up to four people. Each offers dinner and one photo with Trump.

The site reads:

"Don't miss the Holiday Event of the Year hosted by Donald Trump in sunny Naples, Florida. With sunshine over your head, and presents under the tree, this event will give you a lifetime of festive memories! Tickets are extremely limited."

But Twitter users weren't interested.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the ex-advisor to Melania Trump who recorded the former First Lady's infamous "Who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff?" rant, was one of the first to skewer the event.

But she was far from the last.

They dismissed the event as yet another grift.

It's unclear where the money raised for the event is going.