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Fox Deletes Mention of 'White Nationalists' from Article about Anti-Vax Protests

Fox Deletes Mention of 'White Nationalists' from Article about Anti-Vax Protests
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

The conservative Fox News network has repeatedly promoted white nationalism, especially through its primetime opinion hosts. For one example, Tucker Carlson regularly smears immigrants, claiming they make the country "dirtier," and promotes the white supremacist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory, which posits that non-white immigrants are deliberately funneled into the United States to suppress white people.

The network has also promoted conspiracy theories and hysteria regarding the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines, which have proven to be safe and effective at minimizing the spread of a virus that's killed more than 750 thousand Americans.

There have been increasing intersections between white nationalists and anti-vaxxers, especially in recent years.

An article on Fox News' website acknowledged these intersections—until that acknowledgment was edited out of the article.

Earlier this month, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists gathered in New York City to protest vaccine mandates. A featured speaker was Nick Fuentes of the white nationalist Groyper Movement.

As the Daily Beast's Will Sommer pointed out, Fox News' coverage of the incident originally featured the headline:

"Antifa members clash with White nationalists over COVID vaccine mandate outside NYC's Gracie Mansion."

The article also pointed out the Anti-Defamation League's distinction of the Groyper movement as a hate group.

Fuentes accused Fox News of using "ADL talking points" to smear him.

Just hours after Fuentes' criticism, the article's headline was edited to read:

"Antifa members clash with anti-vaccine protesters outside NYC's Gracie Mansion"

The article also removed any mention of the ADL distinction or of Fuentes' ties to the white nationalist movement.

Social media users soon cried foul.

Sadly, many weren't surprised.

Fuentes later bragged about Fox News' "stealth headline edit."