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Courtroom Sketch Artist Responds After Kayleigh McEnany Calls Trump Sketch 'A Travesty'

After Kayleigh McEnany complained that Donald Trump should get a new courtroom sketch artist for his financial fraud trial, veteran sketch artist Elizabeth Williams weighed in.

Kayleigh McEnany; Donald Trump
Fox News; Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Covering everything but the actual fraud and other crimes committed by former Republican President Donald Trump's Trump Organization, Fox instead featured commentary on whether Trump's courtroom sketch was adequately flattering.

Trump's former White House Press Secretary and current Fox correspondent Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Monday's episode of The Five.

When asked what advice she'd give Trump, McEnany said:

"Keep doing what he’s doing."
"Look, I would advise them to ask for a better sketch artist because that does not look like my former boss there."

After complaining about Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron, McEnany added:

"This is a travesty of justice."
"And that sketch is a travesty too. It looks nothing like Trump."

You can see her complaints here.

The sketch McEnany targeted was this one by Elizabeth Williams for the Associated Press:

Williams responded to Insider about McEnany's complaints, saying:

"This dumping on court artists has now become part of our business."
"I am getting used to it."

Williams has had occasion to draw a Trump court appearance more than once.

"When I drew him in 1986 during the USFL/NFL trial, no one knew or really cared about Donald Trump. Now that he was President and a leader of a huge political movement, it's a whole different story."

Of her sketch for a Miami, she said:

"...that artwork was criticized because it made him look too young."
"When I drew him on the stand for the sanctions hearing, that drawing ended up on SNL. Now this."

Several artists are covering the Trump fraud trial.

Each has their own unique take on the former President.

But people were happy to offer alternatives.

Other MAGA minions also lamented over Trump’s courtroom sketches not being as flattering as Trump’s own depictions of himself.

Apparently they were expecting something more like this:

Trump concluded his testimony on Monday.