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Biden Campaign Video Comparing Biden's Weekend To Trump's Pretty Much Says It All

Biden HQ shared a side-by-side video comparing Joe Biden's response to Hamas' attack on Israel over the weekend with footage of Trump rambling about whales around the same time.

Twitter screenshot of Joe Biden and Donald Trump side-by-side

President Joe Biden's campaign was applauded after it shared a side-by-side video comparing Biden's response to Hamas' attack on Israel with footage of former President Donald Trump rambling about whales in a speech over the weekend.

Hamas initiated a shocking attack on Israel over the weekend, prompting Israel to declare war and retaliate. Israeli authorities have reported dozens of captives held hostage in Gaza, although precise numbers remain unconfirmed. Hamas claimed on Sunday that it was holding more than 100 hostages.

But Trump did not mention the war for over an hour during his remarks at a performing arts center in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire—when he did, he suggested his own administration would never have allowed the war to take place—but instead dedicated time to blaming wind turbines for why “we see whales washing up on shore."

You can hear Trump's remarks in the video below.

Shortly afterward, the Biden campaign posted its side-by-side comparison that included the following message:

"President Biden spent the weekend uniting world leaders in support of Israel. Trump... was busy focusing on other things."

You can see the video below.

The video was the definition of social media savvy—and people loved it.

Hamas insurgents breached Israeli territory on Saturday, ushering in street warfare not seen for decades.

The human cost has been staggering, with more than 1,800 lives lost on both sides and the possibility of hundreds more casualties.

Tensions are on the rise as Israel has expanded its mobilization of reservists to 360,000. On Tuesday morning, Israel's military announced a successful restoration of control over the areas in the southern regions targeted by Hamas, as well as the security of the Gaza border.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formed an emergency unity government and war management cabinet and announced it will not pass any laws or make any decisions that do not concern the conduct of the war.